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We're developing web solutions for companies all over the world and we help them with on-line marketing as well. We analyse, measure, innovate. We distinguish from our competition by doing all of this very effectively.

Now it´s your turn!


Pawns are a vital part of game strategy. They stand in the first line, ready to start the attack. They symbolize the web structure, buttons, navigation and placement of the content. UX together with UI are essential if you want to be effective when promoting. If the user can´t get through the chain of UI elements, the game is over. Is your website smooth and intuitive?


Rook is standing proudly in the corner of the chessboard. The rook keeps guard of the whole game. When the right time comes, it's power and dominance can make a real difference. It is supposed to resist the attacks and to handle the high visit rate. Security is one of the key aspects when creating a new web. That´s why we develop only strong, well-protected web applications. Ready for your success.


It advances in a very strategic way, Despite moving slower, it can get to any square on chessboard. Only white-hat SEO enables you to play a successful game of chess in the long-term. If someone offers you the results that sound too good to be true, better watch out! It's probably the black-hat SEO - the one Google tends to penalize websites for.


It's moves are quick and accurate. It can reach many potential customers in a short period of time. The results are easily measured thanks to detailed reporting. And what's even better is that through PPC you can easily target the specific group of people based on their geographical location, demographic background, interests or on the specific times (exact day of the week or exact hour). The possibilities are limitless!


The most important chess piece. Without it, the game is over. Don't you have a quality content? The customers leave… If you can create an interesting content, people share it and your on-line presence grows. Also, Google takes all of this into account, so you are working on your SEO at the same time. If the king rules well, both the customers and the search engines will love you.

Social media

Queen is right hand of the king, able to execute wide variety of moves. In general, queen attracts a lot of attention and she can also spread the information very fast. Everyone wants to spend time with her as she can talk about many different topics. She represents your company, building your image and reputation. That's why social media should play a key role in your on-line marketing strategy.

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