PDM - eshop with TecDoc database

Benchmark for eshops selling autoparts?

Company PDM Autosúčiastky based in Žilina was founded more than 20 years ago. We decided to take on this project because it was very special. PDM needed to implement the complex database called TecDoc, containing huge amount of items into the existing eshop. After successfully fulfilling this task, we also managed to increase the conversion rates thanks to detailed UX analysis.

We started working on the changes...

...and very soon we realized that we needed to develop a whole new website. The previous eshop was set on open source solution that just wasn´t enough for a database containing that many items (more than 100 million). Adding the very much-needed functionality to an open-source platform would be both time and money consuming. Simply put, it would be inefficient.

Customized solution

We suggested to create a new website user-friendly for both a customer and our client, who was able to run the eshop effectively. The website become better organized and the loading speed was significantly reduced. Implementing our SEO know-how was a must.

Nowadays, the design is responsive on any device while being modern and visually attractive. Navigation has been improved to be much more intuitive and easy to use.

High-quality UX and UI

After launching the website, we started to test the user behaviour. We recorded on video how the potential customer navigates the website or how they use the tools available including the shopping cart etc. After that, we applied the gained data and optimized the website in terms of graphic design and we improved UX as well. Together with this changes we also implemented the customer chat support. All of these measurements led to increased number of orders.

Another great upside of our customized solution is a full automation when it comes to importing new or existing products from TecDoc database, which is connected to the prices of suppliers and it updates on its own. This function has enabled our client to further develop their business. On the other hand, the new website structure, web design and functionality has made a life easier for PDM customers. We call it a win-win situation on both sides!

Our Clients