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The success of SEO Guru has been built on the desire to be better every day and the willingness to tackle the challenges that come in our way. The clients approached us with a complex problem many times. We always worked our best to find the most suitable solution which allowed us to grow along the way.

This way we've gained a lot experience, comparable with the experience of the much bigger agencies. The only difference is that they would bill you twice or thrice as much as we do. We offer the long-term solutions that are crucial for your success. Once the client starts working with us, they rarely leave to work with our competition. And even if they do so, they are usually back within couple of months...

We are like a skilled chess player – always looking few steps ahead, which is significant if you want to succeed in the online presence.

We understand the game.

Peter Kytlica

Peter Kytlica

Being called “SEO Guru“ by the clients, he plays a big chess game with Google.
Connecting the technical and visual requirements with business-orientated results. He looks several steps ahead, always deeply understanding what a client needs. As an SEO Guru director, he can think outside the box and come up with the solutions that really meet those needs. He possesses a combination of visionary approach and effective realisation.

„To build a website must be an investment, not an expense.“

Vojtech Rada

Vojtech Rada

Art director responsible for attractive and functional graphic design of your website. As he gets his job done, the first-time visitors will remember you and they will become the returning visitors. Vojtech is very well-experienced, having created visuals, web design or graphic ads for prestigious brands such us Orange, Skoda Auto, St. Nicolaus, Tipos etc.

He also has a good sense of humour. If you don't believe it, try asking him about his personal motto.

Alexandra Lukacova

Alexandra Lukacova

Our talented copywriter. Very well oriented in PPC, writes articles for blogs, manages Facebook sites. She is able to craft that one-line emotional sentence for your business, that grab someone’s attention. Alexandra is also a great support for our own project PageBrix as she creates video tutorials.

Alexandra beautifies and enhances our work environment in the office. In addition, she is a very creative soul. In time out of work, she is singing with her band or playing a variety of non-traditional musical instruments.

Valerian Lukacko

Valerian Lukacko

Copywriter & social media specialist responsible for the two most important chess pieces in our chess analogy - king (content) and queen (social sites). „Content is the king“ and „Content sells.“ As a Charles University graduate in the field of journalism, Valerian fully understands these statements, taking them into account when writing texts for your websites.

On the other side, he's learnt to work with the social media based on his own trials and errors. He is well-experienced in the terms of managing the Facebook social sites ranging from several fans to hundred thousand of fans.

Marek Hlavco

Marek Hlavco

As a Front-End developer he takes care of how the project is going to look on the screens of day-to-day visitors. He focuses mainly on the web usability and accessibility of all the functions. His main strengths are sense for detail and a pixel-perfect eye.

He helps to complete the jigsaw of the complex team, that can transfer the requirements of any client into reality in a short period of time.

Peter Malček

Peter Malcek

He understands the language of web browsers. As a coder, he transforms the graphic templates into HTML code. His job is also to make sure that logos and icons at your websites are displayed right.

Peter is one of the newest acquisitions in SEO Guru. He is a team player, always ready to provide his best performance when it's needed. His code is W3C valid.

Jakub Rarbovský

Jakub Rarbovsky

He is responsible for managing PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns. Simply said, he is the guy who makes sure you get the best results possible from Google AdWords, Facebook ads etc. Besides his work, Jakub likes to visit the gym. Maybe that's why he focuses really hard on performance marketing…

He is well-known for his punctuality and integrity. Perseverance is one of his main strengths - he doesn't stop trying until there are valid results.


Besides these team members, we are cooperating with several professional freelancers in the field of graphic design, UX, marketing and customer psychology.

And how can we be of help to you? Contact us so the skills and experience of this team can assist you in your success!

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