Butikovo – a successful e-shop that chose the right IT partner

Nowadays Butikovo is one of the biggest players when in comes to selling clothes in Slovak online world and it´s spreading already in 5 different countries. But it was a really different story when our cooperation started in September 2013. It was a small eshop, similar to thousands of the others on Slovak market. At that time the owner of Butikovo decided to invest in project development and he chose SEO Guru to be their IT partner.

From that moment until this day the e-shop has grown more than 30 times its size! This huge success can´t be considered luck. It has come due to well-planned steps that help Butikovo to win in the world of online business on daily basis.

When e-commerce platform isn´t enough

Nowadays it´s super easy to start a new eshop. There are many e-commerce platforms that are easy to install and very cost-friendly. Butikovo was set up on one of these platforms as well. But it become insufficient as it couldn´t import different XML feeds from different suppliers. And that was the moment when SEO Guru stepped in with their customized solution.

The main advantage of having the customized web solution is the process´ automattion, which has to be dealt with manually when using the ecommerce platform. Every client sells different kind of goods so they need to have different data available. For example when it comes to the clothes niche there is a fairly high rate of returns.

In case of Butikovo, when a customer with bad track record makes an order, the system automatically sends them an email asking them to pay the bill before the ordered clothes are shipped. This measurement saves the eshop both time and money.

The upside of the long-term cooperation

The new eshop was prepared to be launched in three months (December 2013). From that moment on Butikovo started to grow rapidly. The first big challenge came when the eshop owner decided to completely change the suppliers which meant implementing the whole different XML feeds.

For an ecommerce platform this would be nearly impossible task. But for an IT company that created the personalized solution thus knowing the code in detail it was a question of couple of days´ work. That can be considered another advantage of working long-term with experienced IT company – they can very quickly implement the desired changes when it comes to that.

Continuing growth

The sales volume continued to grow significantly. Butikovo become one of the biggest players in the online clothes niche in Slovak Republic. At that moment they decided to expand – launching the e-shops in both Czech Republic and Austria in 2014.

The well-developed personalized solution from SEO Guru made the expansion much easier, having the built-in option to implement the different language versions. For example the Czech eshop got more than 200 orders on their very first day.

The expansion process went on. Butikovo launched their eshops in Hungary and Germany. It is worth mentioning that all the eshops work under one complex administration dashboard. This solution saves a lot of time when it comes to managing all the language versions.

Profit maximization

Let´s move forward to 2015. Eshop was getting thousands of orders every month. The BackEnd (administration dashboard not visible to a user) part was built very well at that time so it was the right moment to start focusing more on the FrontEnd, which is basically the experience the user gets when they visit the eshop and try to make an order.

Butikovo got a complete new redesign. The small changes in UI had a huge impact. The eshop became more organized, making it much easier for the customer to finish their purchase. That increased not only the number of orders but also their volume.

We used our long-time experience to optimize the website and this way eliminating the possible threat of potential customer not completing their order. When it comes to eshop of this size, even the small change in UI/UX can increase the revenue by thousands of euros.

Everything customized

Nowadays, the eshop has everything customized to their needs – for example management of the stock units, connection to the accounting software, the issue of invoices or sending the email newsletters.

It is all based under one joint administration. It is a well-thought structure with every member having access only to the sections they need to work with. This solution increases the employees´ productivity.

Eliminating the luck factor

The next part is the personalized statistics. The e-shop managers have at their hands the automatically created reviews on revenues, sales volumes, stock units, purchase price, margin, and much more.

Thanks to this option, they can, for example, decide which products are worth promoting at the moment. In general, the personalized statistics play a huge role when it comes to making important business decisions.

3000% growth

Nowadays Butikovo.sk is a colossal eshop with hundreds of thousands euros worth of orders every month. The massive success has come from a decision of the eshop owner in 2013 to move the business to the next level and hire an experienced IT company SEO Guru, that was able to develop highly effective customized web solution.

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